BTS’s “Persona” Comeback Trailer Has Sparked A New Viral Challenge

ARMYs are exploring the maps of their souls through the “Persona Challenge”.

BTS‘s comeback trailer has inspired a new viral challenge that’s bursting with positivity.


On March 27, BTS dropped the trailer for their upcoming album, MAP OF THE SOUL: Persona. In it, RM raps about finding his identity, personal growth, and self-love.


He acknowledges his past mistakes while embracing his imperfections and taking pride in the person he has become.


“Persona’s” wholesome, inspirational messages have inspired fans to create their own “Persona Challenge”. The challenge involves sharing throwback photos and stories about their own personal growth.


Fans are following in RM’s footsteps by addressing their past selves, loving their present selves, and looking toward a bright future.


They are also using this opportunity to thank BTS for helping them along the way.


For more about “Persona”, check out these hidden references in the video here and in the lyrics below.

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