BTS’s RM Is Becoming Like A K-Pop Fan With His Obsession For Pokémon Stickers, And Here’s The Hilarious Reason Why

Will RM collect all his favorites?

In South Korea, an item that has recently become a number one trending item for citizens and idols alike is “Pokémon Bread.” One person who has become obsessed with the item is none other than BTS‘s leader, RM!

RM | @houseofarmybts_/Twitter

Back in the 1990s, the Pokémon Bread first gained popularity, but it wasn’t for the actual food item. Alongside the bread roll, there were character-engraved stickers that children would be eager to collect. Fast forward to 2022, and SPC Samlip Corporation has reintroduced the product, and everyone wants the exclusive stickers.

The Pokémon Bread | Yonhap

Netizens have been following RM’s journey in trying to find these rare stickers. From visiting eight different convenience stores just to find the Pokémon Bread…

BTS’s RM explaining he had to visit 8 stores | @rkive/ Instagram

To even going to find the products after their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL shows, RM has cemented his love for collecting all the Pokémon stickers.

It was so fun.
Today’s raid was a fail..
See you in two days!

— RM

| @rkive/ Instagram

Well, it seems like RM’s obsession for collecting the stickers has become so well-known that a recent post even has netizens comparing RM to a true K-Pop fan!

On March 23, RM updated his Instagram with pictures of art, what he’s been doing on his time off, and much more. Yet, one photo stood out the most and it was the final image of his Pokémon stickers which looked like they were in a binder.

| @rkive/ Instagram

The reason why netizens particularly focused on this picture was that it seemed like something very familiar to them. In particular, many netizens joked that it resembled a binder where K-Pop fans put photocards in.

| @arcadesuga/ Twitter

When the images were posted, ARMYs and netizens couldn’t stop joking about how RM is literally becoming like a K-Pop fan by collecting these stickers.

If that wasn’t enough to compare RM to a K-Pop fan, during their last live broadcast, ARMYs noticed that RM even had one of the stickers on his phone case, which is something all K-Pop fans love to do with their own photocards while making sure they’re protected.

RM showing off his sticker | BTS/ VLIVE

Hopefully, RM continues to update ARMYs with the progress of his Pokémon binder, and let’s see if he manages to collect all of his biases! Netizens have always joked that people collecting Pokémon cards were similar to photocards, but now, it seems like stickers are also part of the equation!

You can read more about the Pokémon phenomenon taking over South Korea below.

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Source: @rkive/ Instagram