BTS RM’s Powerful Ending Speech Is Inspiring ARMYs All Over The World

In these hard times, RM knows exactly what to say to cheer up ARMYs.

While the performances from BTS‘s online concert MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E gave fans all over the world an experience like no other, their ending speeches tugged on ARMYs’ heartstrings even more than usual.

With the pandemic weighing heavily on everyone, Jimin opened up about its difficulties in a teary speech. RM addressed it as well, delivering an encouraging speech that’s inspiring fans to keep hope alive.

RM began by reminding everyone that BTS and ARMYs have a strength that can’t be taken away.

No matter what’s thrown at them, they’ll overcome all obstacles: “We are literally strong. The ARMYs I know and the BTS you all know, we’re all strong. We’ll find a way.

Even if they can’t see the path forward, they’re strong enough to make their own, “If there’s no way, let’s draw the map—the whole map again.

The fact that BTS and ARMYs have each other will guide them through it all, “So, no worries. We’re strong, and we’re still connected.

Delivering a similar message to the group’s speech from the 75th UN General Assembly, RM touched on the fact that dark times are inevitable. “You know, even the waves come. Catastrophe comes. Wind falls; snow falls; rain falls. Anything.

The important part was keeping yourself from dwelling in that darkness and instead focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel: “So let’s not just doubt ourselves. Let’s believe in ourselves.

RM finished the inspiring message by reminding ARMYs of his unconditional love for them, “And, I love you so much. Truly. All of you can know that. I love you.

Since everyone has been going through tough times in the face of the pandemic, RM’s words of overcoming its difficulties were exactly what fans needed to hear.

Fans are far from alone. They have BTS to help them keep hope alive and looking forward to the future, bringing everyone back together once more.


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