BTS’s RM Recognizes The Men Behind The Funny Viral “Butter” Cover

He’s a fan!

Recently, BTS‘s RM guested on Psick University‘s PSICK SHOW to promote his new solo album Indigo.

He revealed to the hosts that PSICK SHOW is the only YouTube show promotion he is doing. The reason why is because he is a big fan!

He is not only a fan of PSICK SHOW but all their other content, including comedy shows. So, RM recognized that they were the same men responsible for an iconic viral meme within the BTS fandom…

RM | Psick Univ/YouTube

RM explained that Indigo was four years in the making because he had also been busy with BTS’s promotions of “Butter,” “Permission to Dance,” etc. It reminded him that the hosts had a connection to “Butter.” So, he asked if they had done a known viral video singing “Butter,” which sparked them both to break out into the hilarious cover of the hit song.

| Psick Univ/YouTube

In case you might have forgotten. The viral video in question is Hansarang Hiking Club’s karaoke cover of BTS’s “Butter, sung by characters Jung Gwang Yong and Bae Yong Gil.

They are the same men responsible for that viral cover of Justin Bieber‘s “Peaches,” too!

BTS love recreating memes. But maknae Jungkook, our Gen Z king, especially recreates memes and viral videos so much. So, he has imitated the Hansarang Hiking Club too!

Watch RM’s full episode of PSICK SHOW below.

Source: Psick Univ


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