BTS RM Releasing His New Album? ARMYs Debate The Possibilities Over His Instagram Update

Did the fandom finally catch up to the boys’ hint-dropping?

Since BTS announced they would be focusing on releasing solo projects for a while, ARMYs have gotten bombarded with new music from left and right (pun unintended). Now ARMYs are trying to figure out which member will release their solo work next to keep track of the flooding content. In the middle of this, RM invoked a mini-chaos in the fandom with just one line.

| Big Hit Music

Recently, RM changed his Instagram bio from “Just an archive” to “Middle of nowhere.” Usually, this wouldn’t alarm anyone, but given how frequently BTS tend to leave spoilers in plain sight, fans cannot help but feel that this is some sort of a hint for RM’s upcoming release.

There seems to be a common observation that the initials of his new bio make up the word “Mon,” which reminisces RM’s old stage name Rap Monster, or RapMon for short. It has led some to theorize that his new album might be a throwback to the old days.

This theory gets some added credibility when you consider that someone has been liking BTS’s old tweets from the group’s account recently. RM also posted a screenshot of him listening to their old song “Spring Day,” with the caption “Will the spring days come?”

Others feel that “Middle of nowhere” could also be a title track or a b-side from his solo album.

In July, during a live broadcast, RM announced that almost 90% of the studio work for his album was finished. So, it is not very unlikely that ARMYs are on the right track for RM 3!


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