BTS’s RM Removes Hundreds Of Instagram Posts, Leaving Fans Confused

Could this mean something else?

BTS leader RM has sent his fans into a mini meltdown over the removal of most of his Instagram feed.

| @rkive/Instagram

On February 14, KST, fans noticed that RM was removing one post after another on his Instagram account, and he finally stopped after wiping out more than 100 of them. His feed had 130 posts, out of which only 12 remain now. 10 of them are related to his album, Indigo, one is a carousel of him wandering around with his friend John Eun, and the last post is about The Dictionary Of Useless Human Knowledge, the show he was co-hosting with director Jang Hang Jun.

Out of all the BTS members, RM and J-Hope are the most prolific Instagram users who frequently update fans through their posts and stories. True to its name, RM’s Instagram profile, @rkive, was a lively archive of his life behind-the-scenes. So, naturally, ARMYs are a bit lost over this sudden downsizing of his account.

While some fans are sad over the loss, others are confused if this is the rapper’s way of announcing any upcoming big news. These days, it’s common for musicians to wipe out their social media accounts to announce new albums. Since RM had already mentioned that he is working on a new project after Indigo, it only makes sense to speculate that he might be up to something.

Thankfully, there are some fan accounts that frequently archive all posts made by the BTS members, so if you miss the old @rkive posts, they are still just a click away!