BTS’s RM Revealed Why He Thinks Big Hit Music’s Ex-CEO Bang Si Hyuk Is Different From The K-Pop System

He believes that Bang PD’s approach allowed BTS to stand out.

In the recent episode of the “Artists On Artists” podcast by Rolling Stone magazine, BTS‘s RM and Pharrell Williams talked about their experiences and learnings as artists with each other. During the conversation, RM took a moment to appreciate the role of Bang Si Hyuk, the founder of BigHit Entertainment, in maintaining BTS’s authenticity as musicians.

Bang Si Hyuk with BTS | @hitmanb72/InstagramLooking back at his decade-long career in the idol industry, RM reflected on how BTS was fortunate enough to put music first, all thanks to his label. He cautiously mentioned that even though he is not a representative figure of the entire K-Pop system, he has experienced enough of it to understand that Bang Si Hyuk implemented a different approach with Bighit Entertainment than what is the norm.

I started my career as a rapper and suddenly, maybe coincidencidentally, maybe by destiny, I just got into the center of this system. And I’ve been through, you know, all the stuff inside. But I think for my case, my label and Mr. Bang, CEO of our label…I think he was different. Because he is actually producer and truly understands music.

— RM, Rolling Stone Music Now 

According to RM, Bang PD has always valued producers and engineers the most. As a label head, he focused on nurturing the inner creative voice of his artists.

RM in conversation with Pharrell | Rolling Stone/YouTube

His aptitude for music enabled BTS to adopt the good aspects of the K-Pop system— the quality, the professionals, and the techniques, and merge them with their creative instincts. The fact that they can make music from the heart, RM believes, has allowed BTS to maintain the human touch in their songs.

We always try to emphasize that we are humans, and you’re a human. I’m just a human who makes music and performs in front of other people. And you’re just another human, who maybe has a different job, coming to see our concert. I think that made me…still put my feet on the ground.

— RM, Rolling Stone Music Now 

The fact that Bang PD is a musician first and a businessman second was very evident in his decision to step down as the CEO of Big Hit Music when the company was going through massive restructuring to create the empire that is HYBE Corporations today. Though he remains the chairman of the board of directors, his focus lies on producing music. His most recent project as a producer includes LE SSERAFIM‘s debut album and one of TXT‘s most popular title tracks, “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You).”