BTS’s RM Reveals BTS Is Already Preparing Their Next Album

They’re working so hard.

BTS‘s RM revealed that BTS is already working on their next album, just months after making their historic comeback with Map of the Soul : 7.

RM held a surprise live stream on the BANGTANTV YouTube channel to greet ARMY who have been waiting for some new content.

I turned this on to try something new. There is no specific name for this content, but as we have realized that many of our concerts will be postponed or cancelled and this situation will be prolonged, we decided to try something new.

It’s nothing special, but we are all connected with each other and doing many things together, sharing many things, so I want to share about what we are doing. I want to share this about once a week, how we are doing.

— RM

RM explained that this new content series by BTS is basically a vlog, but not a vlog at the same time. The members will just do various things, and those things could be chatting, reading books, or even watching movies together.

RM also teased about BTS’s next album, confirming it is in the works.

Honestly I don’t know if I speak casually like this. Many people may have been expecting this, but we will come out with a new album. we started preparing for it. We would like to share the process of creating the album. We’re thinking about how much to share, but we will share it. An album is coming.

There is no specific decisions yet on the songs or what style it will be. The stories have just started. We will do our best.

But we don’t know when the album will come out. We have only just started now and we will share the process of creating it. The process itself is not very beautiful, so we’re wondering how much to show you. We don’t know what direction it will go, but we will work hard.

— RM

Watch RM’s live stream below: