BTS’s RM Reveals How He Feels About ARMYs Using The Term “Namjooning”

You won’t find this ARMY-created word in the dictionary, but it means a lot to many people.

ARMYs have coined multiple terms in BTS‘s honor, from Jungkook‘s “Jungshook” to Jin‘s “Lejindary”. For leader RM, there’s “Namjooning”—based on his real name, Kim Namjoon. But how does RM really feel about ARMYs using the term?

“Namjooning”, which has several fan-submitted definitions on Urban Dictionary, is an ARMY-created verb generally used to mean “living like Namjoon (RM)”. In particular, “Namjooning” activities tend to revolve around being in touch with yourself and the world around your—for example, spending time in nature, admiring art, reading, and hanging out with friends.

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Naturally, all these activities are inspired by the way RM himself lives. Even during the pandemic, the group’s leader has been seen adventuring in nature…

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…and visiting museums.

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The term “Namjooning” became so widely used among fans, it didn’t take RM long to learn about it himself—and begin using it. But how does he feel when fans use the term and incorporate it into their lives? In a new interview for Rolling Stone, a reporter asked RM just that.

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The term “Namjooning” has become synonymous in the fandom with taking time to yourself or going on nature walks. How do you feel about ARMY adopting these little wholesome terms from you and incorporating it into their own lives?

— Riddhi Chakraborty, Rolling Stone

First and foremost, RM told fans that he’s “thankful” to see ideas like “Namjooning” take off. However, he also feels a sense of responsibility around the concept. While began making music simply to share his story, RM says he’s since “become a positive influence to many people“.

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I would be honored if I can continue to show my hard work and the results of my efforts

— RM

As such, it seems he feels a responsibility to live well and inspire fans in a happy, healthy way. In the interview, RM also confessed that all the BTS members have always wanted to be a positive influence, be that through music or through actions. He noted the group’s UNICEF Love Myself campaign as just one example.

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There’s no doubt that such actions have been an overwhelming influence on fans. In the interview, RM acknowledged the charitable activities ARMYs have organized over the years, thanking fans for their own positivity. And while “Namjooning” may seem like a lighthearted slang term, it can also be seen as another example of fans living positively thanks to RM and BTS.