BTS’s RM Reveals His Struggle With Learning TXT’s Universe When Writing For Their Song “0X1=LOVESONG”

“Our company is very true to the universe.”

Every TXT song is made beautifully however, their song “0x1=LOVESONG” has an extra special quality because of BTS RM‘s participation!

During their press conference, the group’s leader Soobin shared that since Big Hit Music‘s CEO Bang Si Hyuk (Bang PD) was having a difficult time creating the song, he personally approached RM. Not only did RM help with making the song, but also helped “0x1=LOVESONG” become the title track of The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE.

RM also spoke about his participation with the song in a recent live broadcast. During his live broadcast, RM shared Bang PD reached out for help and knew it was quite urgent since Bang PD is very talented when it comes to making music. Besides the urgency, RM also added that he simply wanted to do something for his hoobaes!

Normally, Bang PD is really good at writing songs, so usually, he is able to figure it out by himself, but this time, he said that he couldn’t figure things out very well. At that time, I was also really busy. So I was like, ‘He must have a good reason to send an SOS to me.’ Also, I haven’t done anything for TXT yet, so I was like, ‘Let’s do it! It sounds fun’ and I listened to the song, and the guide was so good.

— RM

RM also explained how some parts of the songs were not things he created. Such as the lyrics, “The on1y rule in this world.” While he might have done certain areas differently, he understands that many decisions were made in favor of TXT’s universe.

I felt they didn’t really have to do that, but our company is very true to the universe, so I believe they have a bigger picture in mind. Maybe they have a plan. That’s what I believe.

— RM

As previously mentioned, the universe is very important and RM shared he studied a lot to truly understand TXT’s universe.

To be able to write the lyrics, I needed to know their universe’s story. I have already watched their music videos, but I didn’t know the details. There are several chapters, like ‘The Dream Chapter’ and ‘The Chaos Chapter.’ So I asked them for a summary of their universe, and it’s so hard! It’s hard… I think it’s harder than ours! So, I studied it.

— RM

Seeing that the song turned out beautifully, it’s safe to safe RM was able to overcome the difficulties with the universe and is now a pro in all things TXT!

Source: Naver TV