TXT Reveal Why BTS’s RM Helped Write The Lyrics For “0x1=LOVESONG”

He did a great job with these gorgeous lyrics 🎶

From the chants of “I know I love you” to lines about finding a soulmate “in this world of zero,” the lyrics to TXT‘s new hit single “0x1=LOVESONG” are undoubted gorgeous—in part thanks to BTS RM‘s participation as a songwriter. At TXT’s press conference, the group revealed why RM ended up helping to write the lyrics.

Racking up over 3 million views and 1 million likes on YouTube in its first 6 hours, TXT’s new single already has fans obsessed. In “0x1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You),” which features soloist Seori, the TXT members sing about loving someone certainly in a chaotic world.


One person we have to thank for the beautiful lyrics is none other than BTS’s RM, who helped write the new song—but how did that all come about? TXT’s Soobin revealed all at the group’s recent press conference for The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE.

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Soobin explained that Big Hit Music‘s CEO Bang Si Hyuk—also known as “Hitman” Bang when he works on music—had been having a difficult time writing the song. According to the TXT leader, Bang had been working on the lyrics for three weeks, but he was stuck trying to create something he liked.

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Ultimately, it seems “Hitman” Bang turned to another songwriter whom he knew could do the song justice: BTS’s RM. Soobin revealed that Bang asked RM, “Can you write the lyrics to this song, if you like it?” While the TXT members weren’t expecting RM to actually pitch in, to their surprise, he “gladly agreed.”

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On top of that, RM even contributed to choosing “0x1=LOVESONG” as the title track for The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE. Soobin explained that there was another track in the running to become the lead single, but everyone had mixed opinions on the right one to choose. After RM pitched in that “0x1=LOVESONG” was better, the group ultimately decided to go with that—and it was certainly a great choice.

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Hueningkai also chimed in, revealing how grateful he was for RM’s participation. “When I heart that RM participated in writing the lyrics,” he gushed, “I ran across to him at the office and thanked him saying, ‘Thank you for writing the lyrics.’

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Taking the opportunity to thank him again, Hueningkai also revealed that RM told the group, “No problem! Please sing it nicely.”

Source: Times of India