What Happened To BTS’s RM & Rina Sawayama Collab? Rina Updates On The Song They Wrote Together

Rina first revealed they wrote a song together last August.

In a recent Twitter Q&A, Japanese-born British singer Rina Sawayama gave fans an update on the top-secret song she wrote with BTS‘s RM.

31-year-old “XS” singer-songwriter Rina Sawayama is fast becoming a major star in her own right, but that hasn’t stopped her from supporting her fellow Asian artists BTS. Back in October 2018, Sawayama surprised ARMYs by sharing a snap with RM himself after meeting the group at their show in London. “Makes me sooo proud to be Asian,” she gushed regarding BTS’s impressive performance.

BTS’s RM with Rina Sawayama | @rinasawayama/Twitter

But her bond with BTS didn’t stop there. After fans begged for RM and Sawayama to join forces with a collaboration, she revealed something even more surprising: the pair actually have written a song together!

| Big Hit Music

In August last year, Rina spilled, “We’ve written virtually together, which is sort of a bit top secret.” However, she also went on to say that she didn’t think the song was on its way to being released anytime soon. “Maybe if you guys pester him enough,” she joked, “he will work on it or something.”

| @rinasonline/Instagram

I don’t know man, they’re just so busy that I’m, like, whatever it’s cool that you’re even a fan.

— Rina Sawayama

Now, over a year later, has any progress been made? In a quick online Q&A with Sawayama’s fans this week, one ARMY begged the star to tell everyone more about that elusive RM collaboration song.

Never one to disappoint, Rina Sawayama happily answered the fan’s query—but her response may not be exactly what you’ve been hoping for. While she once again confirmed that she did write a song with RM “years ago,” she reiterated that she doesn’t know what actually happened to it.

| @rinasawayama/Twitter

That said, that doesn’t mean the chance of an RM x Sawayama collab is out of the window. She also went on to say that she actually “love to write a new [song]” now because her songwriting skills have become even better.

Fingers crossed RM and Rina Sawayama’s schedules align soon so the pair can get that collab on the road—and on the charts!