BTS’s RM Gives “Run BTS” Enthusiasts Hope That There May Be A Performance Planned

It’s also two of the members’ favorite song from the album!

Although BTS‘s latest comeback, PROOF, was an anthology album, BTS included several new songs, including the emotional title track “Yet To Come” and the upbeat b-side “Run BTS.”

“Run BTS” quickly became a fan favorite, with the song getting banned on music broadcasts for a single swearword even as fans joked that the song was banned because it was too “real.”

BTS’s Banned “Run BTS” Lyrics Are Spitting F***ing Facts 

But while fans love the song, they haven’t yet gotten to see the performance they’ve been eagerly waiting for.

Although Jungkook did perform the song on VLIVE.

In fact, some ARMYs worry that “Run BTS” may receive the same treatment as another fan favorite, “Louder Than Bombs,” which has also never had a live performance.

But it seems as though “Run BTS” enthusiasts can have some hope that there will be an eventual performance of the song. First, RM mentions that he knew the track would be well-liked by fans.

I think a lot of people would have missed this kind of vibe for “Run BTS” more than our title track or “For Youth.”



And then RM shares that he specifically tried to envision a performance while recording the song.

When I recorded the song I wanted the performance to be exciting and for the listeners to be excited as well. So I focused on making the song as exciting as possible.



So at least “Run BTS” enthusiasts can rest assured that RM recorded the song with the performance in mind, which hopefully means that there will eventually be one to look forward to in the future.

Especially because Jin and Suga seem to love the song as much as ARMY.