BTS’s Banned “Run BTS” Lyrics Are Spitting F***ing Facts 

They boast about their hard work, as they should. 💯

Prior to the release of BTS‘s new album PROOF, KBS shared on June 8 that the song “Run BTS” was deemed unfit for broadcast.

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Along with “Born Singer,” the two songs were banned due to “lyrics with cussing, vulgar words, and crude language.”

With the release of the song, fans have noted the obvious culprit: The use of the word “Goddamn” in RM‘s verse. Despite not having many swears, the strict rules are still in place and have lead ARMY to joke about the song being banned for being too real.

Witty lyrics such as “Above the ones who run, above the ones who flies, runs BTS” reference the Korean proverb stating, “Above someone running, there is someone flying.” This means that there is always someone better…and BTS is always one step ahead of even them!

Reflecting on their past from early debut and their endless “run” towards success, BTS boldly proclaims their hard work is what has lead to their success. Referring to their two bare feet as gasoline, they are their own cause for making it so far.

J-Hope‘s hard-hitting verse at the end calls out each BTS member by name including himself, praising them for their hard work.

Boldly stating that there’s much more for BTS in the future, the end of the song may remind fans of the same message as the single “Yet to Come” where they have acknowledged their past and are moving on to the future.

From the beginning to now, many things have changed. However, the one thing that will always stay the same is BTS’s relentless drive to run as hard as they can!

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