RM’s Chilly New Photos Are Warming Everybody’s Hearts

RM looks like a “Winter Bear” in his latest selfies.

Just when you think you’ve reached your max level of warm fuzzies, RM comes along and changes everything!


Right now, BTS are currently filming in an undisclosed, mountainous location.  After seeing the members’ photos, many fans believe BTS may be shooting Bon Voyage in New Zealand.


On September 18, Jimin tweeted this cute photo of himself and RM in matching fur hats…


…and now RM has posted more!


On September 20, RM tweeted a collage of these selfies, with the caption, “it’s cold.” 


Bundled in a scarf and fur, RM couldn’t look more snuggly if he tried.


This “Winter Bear” is ready for hibernation! Arctic fashion suits RM well, but hopefully he’ll get a chance to thaw out in much warmer weather soon.