Suga Drops New Photos From BTS’s Overseas Filming Location

Fans believe they may now know where BTS is filming.

Fans everywhere are all asking the same question; “Where in the world is BTS?”  


On September 16, BTS’s month-long vacation ended and they boarded a plane to somewhere to do…something. Reportedly the members are currently filming an overseas reality show.


ARMYs are betting on Season 4 of BTS’s travel-reality show Bon Voyage, but so far nothing has been confirmed. Fans have, however, been given hints about BTS’s mysterious location. On September 19, Suga tweeted this selfie with the caption, “Goodnight”. 


He also posted this photo on Weverse of himself standing in mountainous terrain by an icy lake.


Recently, Jimin also shared this selfie of himself and RM in matching fur hats…


…and Jin made a punny joke with these deer.


After analyzing the photos and posting times, some fans believe BTS are in New Zealand. Although ARMY’s predictions often ring true, we’ll have to wait for an official announcement to know for sure!


Source: Newsen