BTS’s RM Shares His Enlistment Plans In Recent Weverse Live

He also teased new music.

On April 1, BTS leader RM did a surprise live broadcast on Weverse to briefly chat with fans and update them about his whereabouts these days.

RM mentioned that he is working tirelessly on his new music, showing up at the studio five days a week. In fact, he shared that he turned on the live in the middle of working in his studio to catch up with ARMYs.

When some fans asked him not to work too hard, he explained that the reason he is straining this hard is to finish his projects before his enlistment.

When a comment asked him when fans can expect to hear his new songs, RM got completely honest and shared that they probably won’t be released by this year.

He then added that when his new music gets released next year, he wouldn’t be around since he would have enlisted by then. The BTS member also revealed that he was supposed to enlist together with J-Hope, but he pushed it back to complete his current project. So, once he finishes working on it, he will enlist for his mandatory service.

RM also mentioned his wish to do a concert before leaving, and also the low probability of it actually happening since the sheer volume of projects he is working on right now.

The news of J-Hope’s enlistment was still a raw wound when RM mentioned him leaving soon as well. Though ARMYs are upset about the possibility of saying goodbye to another BTS member so soon, they are trying to stay positive, anticipating the reunion of 2025.


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