BTS’s RM Wrote A Special Track About His Close Celebrity Friend And Fans Are Dying To Hear It

He wants to release it one day.

Rapper Sleepy came on a variety program where he revealed his special friendship with RM that started way before he even debuted!


Sleepy is already well known as the friend who connected RM to BigHit Entertainment, which officially launched the making of the group.

BigHit called me and asked if I knew anyone who was good at rapping. They told me they were creating a group called BTS. So I introduced them to RM.

— Sleepy


But he revealed that RM used to send him demo tracks for feedback on his rapping skills! Sleep has 8 never-before-released tracks that RM wrote during his 1st year in high school.

I have about 8 files. I told him to send me some files because I wanted to hear his rapping skills. I’d give him some beats and ask him to write his own rap.

— Sleepy


But most importantly, RM actually wrote a song about Sleepy! Sleepy recalls how witty yet moving his lyrics were about him. He hopes RM will be open to giving him permission to release it one day as it’s one of his prized treasures.

But RM wrote a track with my name in it. It said something like, ‘Sleepy hyung is always sleepy but he’s awake’

I want to release it one day because I’m so proud of it.

— Sleepy


Fans complimented RM’s witty rap that he wrote when he was just budding as a superstar in the making. They also hoped to listen to RM’s pre-debut track one day too!


Here’s to the sweetest friendship between these two geniuses!

Source: MK Sports