BTS’s RM Speaks Up About Chart Manipulation At The 34th Golden Disc Awards

“The wrongs of 2010s should end with the 2010s.”

At the 34th Golden Disc Awards, BTS‘s RM took the opportunity to speak up about the current “chart manipulation” problem in K-Pop while he delivered his acceptance speech for the group’s Album Daesang award.


After thanking ARMYs and promising to make 2020 another great year of accomplishing new things under their names…

I hope 2020 becomes the year of your names, ARMYs, getting written all over the place. We will continue to fill our pages with your names. Thank you so much.

— RM


… RM added, “There is one more thing I would really like to say.”

We got lucky to have received so much love and support from everyone around us. With their help, we stand here under the spotlight saying whatever we want to say. But we know there are so many artists who don’t or can’t have this. And those artists pour their hearts into their music. They’re in this game fair and square, even in the depths we cannot grasp.

— RM


RM encouraged the audience to pay more attention to those artists — and to rise above in 2020 by leaving the wrongs of 2010s in the past.

In 2020, we truly hope their hard work and true passion do not go wasted, and that they can reach the audience here in the fairest way. The wrongs of 2010s should end with the 2010s. In the new decade, we hope to be better.

— RM


ARMYs couldn’t be any prouder of RM for speaking up about the matter, as his influential words could, in fact, stir up change in the new year.

Finally, we would like to thank all the musicians out there who inspire us and give us motivation. We love you. We also love and thank our staff members, and of course, our ARMYs.

— RM


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