BTS’s RM Is Speculated To Become The Ambassador Of A Korean Ministry

What a unique honor!

According to reports by Korean media outlets, BTS‘s leader RM is set to become the ambassador for the Ministry of National Defense’s excavation team.

Reports state that the BTS member will be appointed as a public relations ambassador by the Ministry of National Defense’s Remains Investigation Team on June 1. This organization excavates the remains of fallen Korean war heroes and sends them to their families.

Excavation work at Arrowhead Ridge in 2020 | Yonhap

As the ambassador of this organization, RM will be participating in promotional activities to publicize the excavation work conducted by them in various ways. The excavation team is currently planning to retrieve the remains of South Korean and U.N. soldiers. In addition, they also plan on returning the remains of fallen Chinese and North Korean soldiers to their home countries for humanitarian grounds or to rest them temporarily in Korea.

BTS’s involvement with humanitarian efforts, reflected in their longstanding association with the United Nations and visit to the White House to address the hate faced by Asians in the U.S., has apparently influenced the decision to appoint RM as the ambassador of the excavation team. The organization’s message is about harmony at humanitarian levels beyond all conflicts.

This is, however, not the first time RM has been involved in a project of national importance. Last year, the Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA) of South Korea revealed that with the help of RM’s ₩100 million KRW (about $72,100 USD) donation to the Overseas Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation (OKCHF) in September 2021, a royal bridal gown from the Joseon dynasty era held by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art was able to return to the country for restoration.

Source: Yonhap