It Doesn’t Matter Where He Is, BTS’s RM Is Always Ready With A Powerful Speech

This time it’s the military!

Most recently, BTS’s RM and V were spotted at the military graduation ceremony among the only six elite graduate trainees recognized for their expectational performance! In the videos shared online, you can see them receiving their awards!

During the graduation ceremony, RM also gave a graduation speech, as a leader should!

It is true that I postponed my enlistment for a long time, and because I joined the military at a fairly old age, I was afraid and worried about many things. Also, because I enlisted late, most of my colleagues in the dormitory I lived with were younger fellow trainees who were about 10 years younger than me. Through mental strength education, I realized the necessity of the military and the need for basic military training in Korea, a divided country and armistice country.

I had many experiences that I would not have had had it not been for the Army Training Center. In particular, the night march I completed a few days ago was the most memorable. As I marched with my colleagues all night and looked at the stars and cheered together during difficult times, I was able to feel the kind of camaraderie I had only heard about.

Thanks to the great executives and squad leaders, I was able to complete many trainings that were very unfamiliar to me in a rewarding and fun way. I was able to naturally find meaning, fun, and reward in military life, and would like to express my gratitude.

Lastly, I would like to say that although it would be ideal to live in a world where everyone does not need to learn marksmanship, the peace that has been enjoyed in Korea for over 70 years could not be possible without the noble sacrifice, effort, and dedication of many people. We will do our best to carry out our mission.


Fans that heard his speech could not contain how happy and proud they were of BTS’s leader!

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Source: theqoo