BTS’s RM Drops A Major Spoiler About An Upcoming Tour During The AMAs, And ARMYs Are Way Too Excited

The “Spoiler King” is back again!

K-Pop idols are notorious for giving fans spoilers when they’re not meant to. From spoiling upcoming songs, giving hints about comebacks, and more, they can either be done on purpose or unintentionally.

One person who has recently become the true “Spoiler King” is BTS‘s RM, and it seems as if he’s struck again during the American Music Awards.

After the historical show, the members took to the red carpet, caught up with ABC, and spoke about receiving the award. They also discussed what it was like to attend an awards show with a full crowd, as most of their appearances in Korea had been virtual due to the COVID restrictions.

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If fans just expected some kind words from the members, RM gave them a lot more to be excited about. When talking about the future and getting back to performing in front of crowds, RM might have spilled some hints about a possible tour.

We’re now here, so stay tuned. We’re so ready, and there’s more music coming and more performances coming… and the tours coming.

— RM

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Since the announcement of the LA shows, fans worldwide have been excited to know if the rest of the world is going to have BTS come to their country in the upcoming months, and now it seems as if RM has all but confirmed it.

After the video was shared, fans couldn’t hide their excitement at the news, even if it wasn’t official.

Others even took to social media to share other hints that could confirm that RM wasn’t joking and that a possible world tour is on the horizon. In particular, they looked at “Permission to Dance,” and any clues in the video.

However, it wasn’t the only time that day that RM proved to be a true spoiler king. After the event, BTS did a live broadcast for fans where they spoke about their feelings after winning, and Jungkook got to finish his speech.

J-Hope wondered if they could aim to win a GRAMMY in 2022, which fans think they should’ve won this year. Instead of just agreeing with J-Hope, RM explained, “Our video came out anyway,” before realizing what he said and going, “Oh.”


If his reaction was funny, the members’ were even better as they ranged from confused, funny, and just bizarre.


Some people even joked that Jungkook was ready to spill about the tour when finishing his speech, so that must definitely mean it’s going to happen, right? With all of these spoilers, there is no denying that ARMYs will never have to worry about being left in the dark when it comes to announcements.

You can read more about RM being the true “spoiler king” below!

BTS’s RM Accidentally Dropped A 2022 GRAMMYs Spoiler During Their AMAs Broadcast, And The Members Were Shook

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