BTS’s RM Accidentally Dropped A 2022 GRAMMYs Spoiler During Their AMAs Broadcast, And The Members Were Shook

The “Spoiler King” is back!

BTS recently made history at this year’s American Music Awards (AMA). Not only did they pick up Favorite Pop Duo or GroupFavorite Pop Song, but they became the first Asian group to pick up the most anticipated Artist of the Year award. It was a day that the members, staff, and ARMYs will always remember!

BTS at the AMAs | @AMAs/ Twitter

There was no better way to celebrate this momentous day than having a live broadcast with ARMYs worldwide. Despite their busy and hectic schedules, BTS sat down and chatted about everything that had happened at the event!


However, it seems as if ARMYs got a lot more than they bargained for during the live stream. After their success during the AMAs, J-Hope wondered if they could aim to win a GRAMMY in 2022, which fans think they should’ve won this year.

Leader RM definitely then gave fans some news that had the members absolutely shook. Instead of just agreeing with J-Hope, RM explained, “Our video came out anyway,” before realizing what he said and going, “Oh.”


For any fans following the GRAMMY nominations, they know that the list doesn’t come out until later in the week, on November 24 even though the group submitted their applications. With RM’s announcement, it seems as if he gave ARMYs a spoiler that the group has officially been nominated for an award, even if it hasn’t been announced yet.

As expected, when RM spilled the beans, the members were definitely shook and had the funniest reactions to this announcement.


In particular, oldest member Jin couldn’t help but tease RM by saying, “Namjoon, the staff just pulled their hair out.” He was referring to the fact that the staff was probably stressing out that RM had just made a huge announcement about the GRAMMYs long before anyone was meant to find out.


RM quickly tried to reverse the announcement. However, the members’ reactions seemed to tell fans otherwise.

I already spit it out so, I think they might do something that day, yeah. I mean, wouldn’t they say our name? I’m just hoping for that.

— RM


After the broadcast, fans went on social media and shared their reactions to RM’s announcement, and they couldn’t get enough.

However, it isn’t the first time BTS has used their live broadcasts to give spoilers to ARMYs, whether intentionally or not. Earlier in the year, J-Hope made an appearance on Jungkook‘s birthday stream and gave fans a dance spoiler, which eventually came from the “Butter” remix dance video.


As expected, BTS continues to treat ARMYs to breaking news, even if they didn’t mean to. You can read more about everything that happened during the BTS post-AMA broadcast below.

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