Netizens Can’t Get Enough Of Seeing The HYBE Staff Supporting BTS During The AMAs, Proving They Are One Big Family

They were true ARMYs!

BTS once again made history during this year’s American Music Awards (AMA) after not only picking up Favorite Pop Duo or GroupFavorite Pop Song but becoming the first Asian group to pick up the most anticipated Artist of the Year award.

BTS at the AMAs | @AMAs/ Twitter

The members took the stage, and ARMYs couldn’t have been prouder as the group gave their speech for each award, sharing their gratitude to fans worldwide and those who have helped them through their careers. In particular, RM thanked all the staff and those at HYBE and BigHit for their support.


Although RM showed love for HYBE, the staff who attended the event shared their support for the group during the ceremony. Fans who attended the ceremony noticed that the staff who accompanied BTS to the awards showcased their inner ARMY throughout.

In particular, one ARMY shared that as soon as the Artist of the Year nominees started to be announced, they all took their phones out to record the moment.

When the award was announced, the camera panned to the staff in attendance, including HYBE’s Performance Director Son Sung Deuk. Despite wearing masks, fans could see how proud they were and only imagined what the reaction would’ve been like back in Korea.

The HYBE staff | ABC

There was also a staff member that ARMYs thought was either their manager or bodyguard, who was spotted filming the members during the ceremony.

| @dntykoo/ Twitter

If that wasn’t enough, there was one other person, more familiar to fans, that was there in person to share his support. Since before the group even debuted, soloist Lee Hyun has always been a huge supporter of BTS, whether it was defending the members or featuring them on his YouTube channel and becoming their honorary manager.

Fans on social media saw Lee Hyun amongst the staff at the AMAs, and he later confirmed it on his own social media. Lee Hyun looked extremely excited in the tweet, and ARMYs joked that he was taking his “manager” role very seriously.

When the awards had finished, fans took to social media to share their appreciation for the staff. For them, although BTS has worked so hard, it wouldn’t have been possible without their support and hard work throughout.

From interactions between the artists, and the staff showing their support at the AMAs, there is no denying that everyone at HYBE is a true family who appreciates and respects each other. All the hard work from everyone in the company has helped BTS showcase their talent and potential to fans worldwide.

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