The Mystery Behind J-Hope’s Spoiler During Jungkook’s Broadcast Is Finally Revealed, And It All Makes Sense Now

J-Hope even revealed why he did it!

Earlier in the month, BTS‘s Jungkook celebrated his birthday with a special live broadcast with fans. During this time, he sang some songs, made fans smile, and celebrated his birthday in style. In particular, one stand-out moment was when fellow member J-Hope made a surprise appearance.


As well as treating Jungkook to some cake, fans also noticed something else during the broadcast. At one point, J-Hope started dancing, and it made the group’s maknae very flustered.

Making his way out of the room, J-Hope continued to dance, and Jungkook exclaimed, “You can’t spoil it here! You’re gonna spoil it here? You can’t!”


Well, it seems like the answer to ARMYs suspicions and investigation has been solved. BTS’s Jungkook, Jimin, and J-Hope (dubbed 3J), recently dropped a “Butter” remix dance video for fans, showcasing their style, talent, and charisma.

In particular, eagle-eyed ARMYs quickly noticed a move that looked familiar. During the video, fans saw the exact same move that J-Hope had danced to during Jungkook’s broadcast in the video’s choreography. Although it was much more polished, it was impossible not to notice the similarities.

After the video dropped, a fan took to Weverse to ask whether this was the case, writing, “Watched the dance, it was so cool. Was it that spoiler you gave on Jungkook’s bday live?

J-Hope seemed to be replying to a lot of ARMYs about the video, and this was no exception. In the comments, he wrote, “Learned it on that day for the first time.” 

So, the mystery has been solved. Rather than the comeback spoilers that everyone thought could be and the links to cooking, which seemed to be evident during Jungkook’s birthday, Fans were treated to something as cool. J-Hope was sharing it with fans long before the announcement!

Make sure to watch the whole video below.


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