“You’re Like A Girlfriend” — BTS’s RM Describes Suga In The Most Hilarious Way

The reasoning makes sense! 😂

BTS‘s RM and Suga have a bond that runs deep. Recently, on Suchwita, RM discussed how he helps Suga get through hard times when he feels like he’s going through a slump.

BTS’s Suga and RM | @silverscore_sg/Twitter

Suga discussed a time when he went through a slump in years prior.

Sometimes, this unfortunate state of mind can come back and hit him every 2-3 years.

In this way, RM compares Suga’s cycle of emotions to an exhausting girlfriend he has to care for!

So it’s really tiresome. Like an ex-girlfriend.

— RM

This funny comparison shows how tiring the whole situation may be for RM to help Suga with his different emotions when he’s going through a hard time. However, it also shows his loyalty to stick by him!

You’re like a girlfriend that I’ve known for a long time.

— RM

Suga shared that this time, he was able to push through and not fall back into the cycle.

RM knows that when Suga’s going through hardships, it’s difficult to discuss it together as it feels like Suga goes further and further into it.

However, all of that has since changed! Nowadays, Suga is known more for his upbeat and positive attitude.

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