BTS’s RM And Suga Reveal How They Competed To Write The Rap Lyrics For “Butter”

They talked about their “competition”, and also revealed who won!

BTS‘s rap-line is legendary for their skills and songwriting, and RM and Suga revealed just how seriously they take their lyrics when they made it into a competition among themselves!

BTS recently held an online press conference for their comeback with “Butter”, and talked about their new all-English language single, their love for ARMY, and more!

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One of the things the group talked about during the press conference was the lyrics of the song. RM and Suga then shared their story of friendly competition that took place between them. RM revealed how the original lyrics of the song needed a revamp to suit each of the rappers’ styles, and so, he competed with Suga and J-Hope to see who’s lyrics would be picked up for the official song. RM ultimately emerged victoriously, and is credited for his lyrics on the song!

When we received the song, we felt that its rap part needed some arrangement that could match our own styles. So, Suga, J-Hope, and I got to participate in rewriting the verses.

It was a competition, and I was lucky enough to get selected.


Suga then commented on the competition, hilariously sharing how even though he’d worked hard on his English for “Butter”, he ended up losing to RM!

We always compete with each other when it comes to songwriting. I’d actually studied English in order to write for “Butter”, since it’s an English song, but yeah, I failed mercilessly.


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BTS recently released their second English-language single titled “Butter”.

Watch the MV for it here!

Source: The Korea Herald


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