BTS’s RM Reveals Why Writing Lyrics Has Become Harder For Him

“Nowadays I’m really slow at making songs.”

BTS‘s RM is often referred to as a lyrical genius. However, during his interview with Weverse Magazine, he revealed why it doesn’t come as easy as it used to for him.

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He revealed that his songwriting skills have slowed down since earlier on in his career.

Nowadays I’m really slow at making [songs]. I can’t think of lyrics as well as I used to, either. I have more avenues to absorb new things, and yet the output coming from inside of me is ridiculously limited, and extremely slow.

— RM

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Fortunately, he shares this feeling is completely normal for artists of all kinds to experience.

They say there’s plenty of stories of artists from the past going up to their canvas and being unable to pick up their brush and screaming, ‘Who am I?’ That’s sort of how I’m feeling. I’ve been working on a mixtape since 2019, but I haven’t finished that many songs.

— RM

Specifically, RM admits the process of songwriting feels more drawn out when he shifts his focus from writing about social commentary to his own ideas and experiences.

That’s why I can’t write lyrics as fast as I used to. I don’t know what I’m doing, so I have no choice but to just write first. And that’s why I think Yoongi is such an amazing person. I mean, how does he make that many songs, and so well? Maybe it’s because he takes a producer’s point of view, but I can’t do that.

— RM

Not only am I jealous, but I also think the starting point when I’m making music has to be the lyrics. I just—I hope I’m on my way somewhere. But that’s how I always feel (laughs) so when I listen to my stuff from two years ago now, it already sounds old.

— RM

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RM revealed more about his lyrics in the interview. Check out what he had to say below.

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