BTS’s Suga And RM Went To The Top Of A Skyscraper And Their Unexpected Conversation Left ARMYs In Tears

They’re so precious. 😭

BTS‘s Suga and RM shared a sentimental moment during a Run BTS! and it’s enough to melt any ARMY’s heart!

The two rappers received a penalty to cross a bridge atop the Lotte World Tower where they would stand almost 2000 feet above the earth.

They sat to enjoy the gorgeous — yet terrifying — view of Seoul…

…as their conversation took a twist from relying on one another to taking in their surroundings.

Spotting the Olympic Stadium, the longing look in Suga’s eyes is something fans know all too well.

Reaching out his hands, all they could imagine was the feeling of performing again.

With the entire city below them, all they could focus on was the giant stadium that appeared much smaller from above.

The Olympic Stadium is known to be huge, but how can it look so small from here?

— RM

| Weverse

All they could do was yell out how badly they wish they can perform again for ARMYs!

| Weverse

However, their prayers have officially been answered! BTS will once again perform in-person concerts, starting with Los Angeles, USA. Check out the information below!

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