BTS’s RM Reveals Why He Released “Bicycle” And What It Means To Him

He explained the process of choosing who releases the FESTA song.

RM recently surprised ARMYs with a live broadcast where he talked about everything from his new haircut to BTS‘s new music.

Specifically, he discussed the release of his song “Bicycle” for 2021 FESTA. Each year before FESTA, the members meet to discuss what will be released.

During this year’s meeting, RM revealed they were asked for someone to release a song and he volunteered.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

Aside from his love of biking through nature, RM explained why he chose that particular topic.

There aren’t a lot of songs about bicycles, so I hoped people would think of this song when riding their bicycles. I listened to this song a lot while riding my bicycle, too.

— RM

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He shared that he likes to process emotions through bike riding and wanted to connect with others through that feeling.

Whenever I ride a bicycle, I feel strange. When I’m sad, I ride  a bicycle. I thought there might be others who feel that, too.

— RM

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As long as RM releases music that’s close to his heart like “Bicycle,” ARMY will always connect with his sincere words!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter