That Infamous TikTok Sound Of BTS’s RM Is Going Viral Again, But It’s Not Among K-Pop Fans This Time

It’s the TikTok trend that continues to create new trends.

It’s a new year. So, new TikTok trends.

Still, some trends from 2021 refuse to stay in the past.

Remember the now-infamous viral audio of BTS‘s RM?

BTS’s RM | 2014 KCON via SALTY KPOP/YouTube

You know the one. “And she said, she said, she said, she’s from Hawaii. You know how to say cute in Japanese? KAWAII.”


😭😭🤣 #rm #fyp #bts

♬ Shes from Hawaii – Seokjin’s babymama 😍

Some might not realize this audio is taken from a video that’s nearly eight years old. It’s only part of a freestyle rap about an ARMY that RM rapped at 2014 KCON.

Also, yes, that’s Dumbfoundead there too!

Somehow, new ARMYs discovered this old video and resurfaced it through TikTok with a remixed audio. Ever since, it went crazy viral, creating a trend.

One K-Pop fan (@calikaven) even created a dance inspired by the rap, encouraging the sound to go even more viral.


dc: me @BTS ill be waiting for my check nd shiii 💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽 #fypシ #kpop #bts #army #namjoon #rm #bts

♬ Shes from Hawaii – Seokjin’s babymama 😍

The remix of RM’s rap, along with the dance, completely took over not only ARMYs’ but K-Pop fans’ FYP pages.


this is my absolute favorite thing on tiktok rn😭 (dc: @calikaven ) #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ Shes from Hawaii – Seokjin’s babymama 😍

We’re not even going to mention all of the spamming comments of the lyrics…


And 😾she 👹said 🥵she🥺 said😞 she 🦖said 😩she’s 😈from ⛹🏾‍♀️Hawaii 🙄 yk😾 how 🫂to 👀say👄 cute 🧑🏼‍🎤in 👨🏼‍⚖️Japanese🧞 kawaii #bts #kpop #rm

♬ Shes from Hawaii – Seokjin’s babymama 😍

It went so viral that just about everyone knew about it. For example, FM Entertainment K-Pop trainee Beomhan (you know the guy who is always on your FYP) was in on it.


stan @beomhanfm 🙄 #shesaidshesaidshesaidshefromhawaii #beomhan #kpopfyp #mont

♬ Beomhan she said shes from Hawaii – Zane

Eventually, the trend seemed to die down as many ARMYs pointed out that it may be insensitive to RM. For one thing, it was many years ago, shortly after BTS debuted. He was “Rap Monster” back then, after all. Instead, we should recognize him for who he is today.

| @piwonpi2/TikTok
| @cybr.grl/TikTok

Well, it’s back again. This time, it’s not even necessarily among K-Pop fans… It’s being used among “locals.”

Back when the original TikTok trend of RM’s freestyle rap was still popular with ARMY, another trend had been created in which users would use an instrumental from the remix. Some would rap themselves over the sound, sometimes in their native language.


HELP #kpopfyp #bangchan #straykids #trend #namjoon #fyp #bts #shesaidshesaidshesaidshefromhawaii

♬ original sound – Not for you – Not for you

Yet another trend was created after TikToker @cybr.grl shared a video that went viral (over 12 million views)! They seemingly sang along to the instrumental, except without actually sharing their own personal audio. This inspired other content creators to…


this song been stuck in my noggin all week!! help

♬ original sound – Not for you – Not for you

…imagine what @cybr.grl must have sounded like. ARMY @yejiboom duetted over it with a hilarious cover.


#duet with @cybr.grl IM CRYING

♬ original sound – Not for you – Not for you

That duet itself went so viral (2.6 million views as of January 4, 2022) that many requested @yejiboom to make this its own sound that others could use. So, they did. Now, that video has 3.5 million views!


Reply to @theballedheadedcaliou wish granted 😛

♬ HOW R PPL STILL SEEING THIS VIDEO – 🧍🏽‍♀️why are u here

Despite having origins with ARMYs and this audio being from a BTS fan’s account, this very audio has somehow made its way off K-Pop TikTok and been taken over by locals.


Another successful day of tricking locals into consuming kpop content 👹 #kpop

♬ HOW R PPL STILL SEEING THIS VIDEO – 🧍🏽‍♀️why are u here

Basically, content creators use the sound over videos of themselves with text over it, talking about going through sad situations since it sounds like rapping through tears.


Starts uncontrollably crying

♬ HOW R PPL STILL SEEING THIS VIDEO – 🧍🏽‍♀️why are u here



♬ HOW R PPL STILL SEEING THIS VIDEO – 🧍🏽‍♀️why are u here


IM CRYINGG #fyp #highschool

♬ HOW R PPL STILL SEEING THIS VIDEO – 🧍🏽‍♀️why are u here


♬ HOW R PPL STILL SEEING THIS VIDEO – 🧍🏽‍♀️why are u here

Now, when you click on the sound, you will find maybe one or two K-Pop fans using the sound. As of the time of writing, 48.7K videos have used @yejiboom’s sound, and the majority are non-K-Pop fans.

| TikTok

So, as you can see, a TikTok trend inspired another trend, inspiring yet another trend, resulting in a new trend, and finally a new trend yet again.

Here’s hoping that next time we can trend an official BTS song.

Source: TikTok

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