NCT DREAM Edits “Offensive” Caption, But Is It Necessary?

They quoted Doechii’s song.

NCT DREAM are among the featured artists performing iHeartRadio‘s 2023 Jingle Ball Tour. The group just performed in Washington, D.C., on December 11.


Among the many music artists performing was American rapper and singer Doechii. Her song “What It Is? (Block Boy)” is one of the hottest songs of 2023 that many will recognize from our TikTok FYPs. For some time, it seemed like we couldn’t open the app without hearing “What it is h*e? What’s up? Every good girl needs a little thug. Every block boy needs a little love.” 

So, NCT DREAM and Doechii met during the Jingle Ball Tour and posed for pictures, which the group shared via X (formerly Twitter). Naturally, they referenced her hit song in the caption.

Yet, shortly after the post, the social media managed behind NCT DREAM’s account made a change. They removed “h*e” from the caption, although it’s part of Doechii’s iconic song lyrics since it can be considered offensive and even sexist as it’s slang for “wh*re.”

Still, many netizens caught the original caption, especially since X informs when a post has been edited. Many had no issue with the original caption since it’s the correct lyrics.

Besides, Mark and Jisung previously joined Doechii’s “What It Is?” dance challenge on TikTok. So, they’ve used the official song before.

Either way, it’s still technically viewable.

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