BTS’s RM Was Tired Of This One Thing While Filming “Sexy Nukim”—So He Swore To Change It

He made his resolution on camera.

BTS‘s RM was recently featured in the “Sexy Nukim” song by Balming Tiger. On September 14, KST, BTS’s YouTube channel BANGTANTV posted a behind-the-scenes video of the song’s official music video.

| @balmingtiger/Twitter

A tuxedo-clad RM walked onto the set, looking like a hot rich CEO straight out of a K-Drama, and shot his scenes smoothly like the pro he is.

While shooting, he was happily chatting with San Yawn, a member of Balming Tiger, and discussing his scenes with the directors on set. But there was one shot that made RM want to make a change…not in the scene but in his life.

Just after shooting his close-up shots inside the old shop, RM got to know that he would be filming the now-famous bicycle scene where he runs over a toy Ferrari. He got a little flustered when the director said that they really got a ddareungi (rental bike) for the scene.

A playful RM then resolutely said to the camera, “I’m gonna get my license this year. I’m gonna get it for real. I have to stop the teasing about me not having a license,” and the staff broke into laughter.

For those who might not know, RM is the only one in BTS who doesn’t have a driver’s license yet. He also loves to use rental bikes to move around within the city, so much so that he has an entire song written with insights from his bike riding experiences.

The bicycle scene was added in the music video to bring out the impact of the lines “That cheap-ass Rollie and Rarri, yo, what you doin’ boy?/ I just keep it me, for you man, I’m a doom boy” from RM’s verse. Though he joked about getting his license as soon as possible, the lack of it ended up bringing this iconic shot to life.

So, it’s safe to say that license or no license, RM will keep being the driving force of the music industry with his pen game alone.

You can watch the behind-the-scenes video here: