BTS’s RM Tours ARMYs Around His Museum-like Apartment For The First Time

It was simple but embodied BTS’s leader perfectly.

BTS has become a household name, and the members have become celebrities who surpass international borders. Like many other K-Pop idols, the boys have tried to protect their privacy by hiding their personal lives from the public.

BTS with US president Joe Biden | @bts_bighit/Twitter

ARMYs, BTS’s official fandom, always treasure any intimate details the members decide to share with them, so naturally, fans freaked out when BTS’s leader, RM, took them on a tour of his luxury apartment through a vlog!


At the beginning of the tour, RM gave a disclaimer saying that his home was “Just me, books, and paintings.

He then showed ARMYs his bedroom, which included a walk-in closet filled with clothes, a simple white bed, and a study that RM claimed was being used as a display.

Next came the living room, dominated by books. Like many people, RM shared that he bought books before he could even finish reading the ones he had.

RM’s kitchen was simple, but he showed off bottles of wine and whiskey he enjoyed drinking.

Like a true artist, RM had an entire section of his home dedicated to displaying artists’ illustrated books using a vintage desk.

The entire apartment was covered ceiling to floor with paintings and sculptures, highlighted by the otherwise bare interior, giving RM’s home a museum-like feel.

Some netizens realized that RM had over 100 works of art on display!

The tour was summarized simply by RM, “I told you, it’s just me, paintings, and books…I’m satisfied with how it looks.

Watch the full vlog below. RM gives his home tour at the 7:10 mark.


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