BTS’s RM Updates ARMYS On The Progress Of His Solo Album During Weverse Live Broadcast

It seems like ARMYs don’t have to wait long!

Last month, BTS revealed during a live broadcast that the group will be taking some time out from releasing music as a group to focus on their individual content. Far from a “hiatus” that some media outlets described, the members have been enjoying some time to focus on themselves.

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

J-Hope was the first member to release his first solo album, which is different from the member’s mixtape, and wowed the world with Jack In The Box. He also sent the internet into meltdown with music videos for the tracks “MORE” and “ARSON.”

J-Hope’s “MORE” video | HYBE LABELS/YouTube
J-Hope’s “ARSON” video | HYBE LABELS/YouTube   

Well, it seems like there’s been an update from leader RM about the progress of his own album, and ARMYs can’t hide their excitement.

On July 21, RM surprised fans when he was the first member of BTS to try out the new live broadcast function on Weverse. During the broadcast, he spoke about everything from his tattoo, J-Hope’s album, and much more.

RM on live broadcast | Weverse

In particular, the idol shared that he had turned on the broadcast to share the progress of his album. RM particularly made fans excited when he announced, “I’m just turning the live on to say… look out for my album, stay tuned!”

| Weverse 

Yet, that wasn’t all. RM wasn’t going to leave ARMYs with just a small amount of detail. In fact, BTS’s leader made fans very excited when he really spilled the progress of his album, and it seems like we won’t have to wait too long to hear the track and could be the next member to follow J-Hope.

I’m near the end of my work on the album. I don’t know how things will go from now [on], but I will probably be the next member after J-Hope to release my solo album. So, um, for my album, studio work is like 90% done.

— RM

| Weverse

RM then added that although he is the furthest along with his mixtape, it still isn’t completely finished. He added, “I haven’t shot the music video or the content yet.”

| Weverse 

For the BTS members, it is the first time they are releasing a full album after previously only sharing mixtapes. RM was no different. In 2018, RM released his second mixtape, called Mono. It had some beautiful tracks in it, including the track “Forever Rain.”

The graphic for the track on “MONO” | HYBE LABELS/YouTube 

During the broadcast, RM brought up his last mixtape and revealed that his new music is completely different from Mono, and it reflects who he is as a person now.

I had fun working on music, I think it will be completely different from Mono. If Mono recorded my [RM] 2016-18, then I think this new album serves as my diary and archive for 2019-22.

— RM

| Weverse 

Along with his own album, RM shared the progress of Jimin‘s music, adding that the younger member was also working very hard on his own material.

| Weverse 

With the upcoming vocal line collaboration with Snoop Dog and Benny Blanco also in the works, it is unclear when RM’s album will be released. Needless to say, it will undoubtedly be pure magic! After over four years since Mono, it will be exciting to see how the idol has grown with his music and what messages he wants to share.