BTS’s RM Snitched On V Faster Than You Can Say “God Of Destruction” 

He isn’t the only one who breaks things.

RM has a reputation for accidentally destroying everything, but he isn’t the only one with dangerous hands.

| BANGTANTV/Youtube 

At midnight on November 12 (KST), Big Hit Entertainment released the second preview for BTS’s annual DVD package, Season’s GreetingsIn it, BTS plays around while on location for a retro photoshoot.

Usually, the “God of Destruction” is the one breaking props, but this time V had an “oops” moment.

While BTS was riding a bus, V grabbed a pole for balance and accidentally pulled it free.

Jin and Jungkook both noticed his blunder, but RM wasn’t about to miss his chance to draw attention to it. “Taehyung broke this!” he shouted.

After so many years of being the clumsy one, RM is quick to point out his members’ “God of Destruction” moments. When Jungkook broke a light on the “Dynamite” set, RM wanted everyone to know that he’s not the only klutz in their group!

Watch the Season’s Greetings preview here: