ARMYs Notice Unexpected Details In BTS RM’s New Vogue Covers

Did you notice these?

BTS‘s RM shocked ARMYs with not one but three covers for the June issue of Vogue Korea.

ARMYs were in awe of the new photos. RM’s visuals are simply breathtaking!

Yet, ARMYs also noticed a couple of meaningful details in RM’s Vogue Korea covers.

RM’s three covers appear to mirror his last three solo projects: mono, “Bicycle,” and Indigo. Could it just be a coincidence?

Not just that, but an eagle-eyed ARMY pointed out a key difference in RM’s poses. For years, the BTS leader usually partially covered his face during shoots.


However, in none of the Vogue Korea covers is RM attempting to hide behind his hands. The ARMY pointed out that since Chapter 2, he has not posed covering his face.

RM is really showing the “real me!”


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