ARMYs Are Strongly Disagreeing With BTS’s RM In His New Vogue Interview

He revealed how he felt about doing the cover shoot by himself.

BTS‘s RM graces the cover of Vogue Korea for the magazine’s June issue.


RM did a cover shoot, dressed in Bottega Veneta, which he is the current ambassador for, as well as an interview. The interviewer asked him about his goals for the photoshoot.

You’re scheduled to do a Vogue Korea cover shoot at the Korea Furniture Museum. Your fans expect you to take part in such photo ops for some sort of purpose beyond just producing nice pictures. What are you aiming for with the upcoming Vogue cover?

Vogue Korea interviewer

Yet, it’s RM’s first time doing a magazine shoot entirely by himself, particularly for a cover. So, he explained how he felt about it.

It’s actually my first time to appear on a cover all by myself. And the publication is Vogue, of all things!

— RM

RM knows ARMYs, and ARMYs know RM. Since he is an art lover, we could expect an aesthetically pleasing shoot true to him.

My fans are right to expect not just photos that are pleasing to the eye, but photos that express who I am, what I’m thinking, what I believe.

— RM

Despite this, RM added that there would be more “pleasant” looking people to look at than him. Still, RM hoped to represent Bottega Veneta well with Vogue Korea.

There are so many other people who’d be more pleasant to look at on the cover than me. Since I’m doing this with Bottega Veneta, I also hope the brand’s philosophy will come through, but in a less obvious way.

— RM

We’ve seen all the photos from the cover shoot now, though. And ARMYs couldn’t disagree more with RM’s statement, “There are so many other people who’d be more pleasant to look at on the cover than me.” Like… Have you looked at yourself, sir?

Someone get this man a mirror.

Source: Vogue Korea