BTS’s RM Was Totally “Namfused” By An ARMY Who Used Google Translate On Weverse

Someone help him. 😂

BTS‘s RM had no idea what a fan was talking to him about in a recent Weverse post…but ARMYs know exactly what happened!

Recently, a BTS fan with the Twitter handle @CARROTBUNK00 and the username “Yoongi’s gfbroke a record for the number of viewers in a Twitter Space, accumulating over 50,000 listeners.

| @CARROTBUNK00/Twitter

When a fan tried to ask RM if he heard about the “concert,” Google Translate gave the message a whole new meaning.

Namjoon, did you watch the concert that the Military did?


Literally translating “ARMY” as “military,” the original meaning was lost in translation. This left RM totally confused!

What.. What are you talking aboutt? *aegyo*

— RM

It seems the only way to avoid these mistakes is to learn Korean. Time to start studying, ARMYs!

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