Here’s Where You Can Catch BTS’s RM On The Weekends

He revealed his favorite places, activities, and more!

In an exclusive Weverse interview, BTS‘s RM dished on all of his favorite hobbies he loves to do in his leisure and even revealed some of his favorite places to visit on the weekends!

As an extrovert and lover of all things art-related, he has to get out during the weekends.

I almost always go out. I usually either go to an art gallery or the park, or go for a ride on my bicycle.

— RM

| @rkive/Instagram

Additionally, you can find RM at two of his other favorite places.

I always exercise, too. If I get about two days of freedom, I go the company to work at the studio. It’s pretty much always like this.

— RM

Working out or making music are two of his favorite hobbies!

However, as a nature enthusiast, RM loves getting out for a good bike ride. ARMY can try some of his favorite routes, too!

There are several courses, but my favorite one is a secret. (Laughs) I usually ride along the Han River or the Yangjaecheon stream. These courses are really well known, and are great.

— RM

However, his most preferred route is a secret! Fans may have to do a little more exploring if they hope to one day spot the BTS member on a bike ride.

Source: Weverse