BTS’s RM Has ARMYs Getting Ready For A “Date Night”

He is dropping by to spend time with fans.

ARMY, it’s time to dress up, do your hair, and go absolutely nowhere because BTS‘s RM is dropping by for a visit!

On January 18, RM shared a black and white photo of himself enjoying the winter weather, along with an exciting announcement.

RM | RM/Weverse 

He will be hosting a live broadcast for the first time in what feels like forever to fans.

| Weverse

Shortly after RM broke the news, his real name “Namjoon” became a top trending topic worldwide on Twitter.

Now, ARMYs everywhere are clearing their schedules, turning on app notifications, and getting reading for a “date” with BTS’s leader.

They are looking forward to spending some one-on-one time (or rather, millions-on-one time) with RM…

…and some are hoping he will reveal details about BTS’s comeback.

Whenever RM visits, he makes ARMY’s world a brighter place just by being himself. Like the man himself once said, “No worries, at least this planet has Namjoon.”