BTS’s RM Shocks ARMY With Shirtless Workout Video…To NewJeans

He’s just like us!

The BTS members are currently getting stronger than ever in the military!

BTS | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Many of the members have already shown off a more muscular and bigger physique from their time spent working out, including V, J-Hope, and Jin.

J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

Most recently, RM has taken to Instagram to show off his latest workout. Previously, RM was known for posting his fitness updates, workouts of the day, and more.

RM | @rkive/Instagram
| Weverse
| @rkive/Instagram

His new update is bringing ARMY back to those days! In the new video, he shows himself and others doing planks while “Attention” by NewJeans plays in the background. The caption states, “There are a lot of hardships in life, right?… Let’s endure it.”

| @rkive/Instagram

RM has a funny conversation with the others in the video (possibly staff members) while they struggle to endure the full plank.

Staff: “What happens if I slip in my place?”
RM: “There are many difficulties in life, right?”
Staff: “Let’s hold on for another 30 seconds!”
RM: “Let’s do another 23 seconds.”

| @rkive/Instagram

As the the time ticks down, they finish up well!

Staff: “Why does time go so slowly?”
RM: “4 seconds!”

| @rkive/Instagram

Though it’s difficult to know exactly which one is RM, fans have speculated he’s shirtless in the middle. Additionally, the others in the video are wearing the iconic HYBE gym shirts, indicating the video is either old or taken on a recent vacation.

Screenshot 2024-04-02 100922
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We really missed these updates from him!

| @rkive/Instagram

Fans are loving the video, showcasing all of the things ARMYs love.


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