Here’s The Story Behind Younha And BTS RM’s “Winter Flower” Collaboration

Younha reveals how the project came to be.

On January 6, Younha dropped Unstable Mindset. The mini album features a total of five songs, including her collaboration with BTS‘s RM, “Winter Flower”.


“Winter Flower” is a bone-chillingly beautiful song about surviving life’s winters with the hopes of blooming in the spring. It offers comfort while encouraging listeners to keep holding on

 Hold on, hold on, hold on. I will take it away, before you stumble / I will stay by your side, until you survive.

— Younha (“Winter Flower”)

Younha said that she wanted to work with RM for a long time, but had to wait until the right project came up. 

I wanted to collaborate with RM for many years. Since I didn’t have any project in mind that had a suitable topic or synergy, I didn’t suggest anything. It wasn’t until Edenary came up with a concept, that I shared the suggestion with RM.

— Younha


RM, a long-time Younha fan, was happy to take part in the project. Since Younha and RM have such busy schedules though, the collaboration was done from a distance.  

Coordinating our schedules wasn’t easy, so we worked over the phone and sent lyrics to each other through email.

— Younha 

If you haven’t heard it yet, check out “Winter Flower” here:

Source: Enews