BTS’s RM Celebrates Younha’s 20th Anniversary Event 

He shared his precious memories.

Three years ago, BTS‘s RM collaborated with Younha on her song “Winter Flower.” Now, he is celebrating the 20th anniversary of her debut.


In a video clip, RM introduced Younha’s 20th Anniversary Unpacked Event ‘Y’ and shared some of his special memories as a Younha fan.

Younha | @younhaholic/X

Welcome, everyone, to the Younha 20th Anniversary Unpack Event ‘Y’. I’m RM of BTS. It’s 2024, and on September 1st next year, it will be the 20th anniversary of Younha’s debut. I’m truly happy to be able to share this special moment with you.

Starting with her single album “YUBIKIRI” in 2004 until her 6th album “END THEORY” in 2023, her music has always accompanied us in our daily lives, making us laugh, cry and comfort us.

— RM

RM was just 16 years old when he heard a Younha song that would follow him through his debut with BTS and into his twenties.

It’s a song included in Part.B Growing Season, released in 2009. I first heard ‘Twenty-Second Road” through Cyworld BGM when I was 16.’ I grew up with that song for 6 years and I was 22 at the time, and I remember sharing the many worries that came to me as a 22-year-old. Like that, my senior’s song has always been a part of my life and playlist.

— RM

RM went on to express his heartful gratitude for the “precious and happy moment” that came from collaborating with Younha on “Winter Flower.”

And, fortunately, I was able to participate in the production of the song ‘Winter Flower’ on the fifth mini album. Even though I didn’t have much time at the time, the fact that we could talk about the song together was a precious and happy moment for me. I’m still grateful that I was able to participate in the process of creating my senior’s story.

— RM

On Younha’s behalf, RM described the anniversary event as a “gift” and introduced the content that fans have to look forward to.

Actually, it’s the 20th anniversary, I haven’t even celebrated the 10th anniversary. So I can’t even guess how she is feeling. But one thing is clear: I think she prepared for her 20th anniversary with the desire to give a year like a gift to everyone who has cared and to you. Today, I would like to introduce to you the rich plans for 2024 prepared by Younha who is celebrating her 20th anniversary.

They say they have prepared a wide variety of performances, albums, original content, exhibitions and even goods. Also, there will be a special clip of the senior at the end of the event. I would appreciate it if you could stay with us happily until the end. Now, 2024 Younha’s 20th Anniversary Unpack Event starts now!

— RM

RM is currently serving in the military along with his six BTS members.