BTS RM’s Knowledge Of Art Surpasses Gallery Archives, According To Korea’s Top Curator

He’s not just another rich collector.

In a recent interview with New York Times, BTS‘s leader RM discussed how he came about collecting art and why he indulges in the hobby. The interview revealed that Park Kyung Mee, one of the most revered art curators in South Korea today, admires RM for his deep knowledge in art.

RM of BTS | The New York Times

During an interview at her PKM Trinity Gallery in Seoul, Ms. Park credited RM for making art more accessible to the general public and drawing the younger generation’s attention to timeless art pieces.

He is throwing away the kind of barrier between the art institutions — galleries and museums — and younger people.

— Park Kyung Mee

Park Kyung Mee is also the representative of the estate of Yun Hyong Kun, a Korean artist that RM deeply admires. Talking about his extensive research, she revealed that RM found obscure texts about the artist that even she did not have in her gallery archives!

Park Kyung Mee | The Korea Herald

RM is not only interested in the art piece themselves, but in the life of the artist as well. In the interview he shared some interesting bits from Yun’s life. The artist was imprisoned four times for political reasons and almost got sentenced to death. Talking about his favorite era of Yun’s works, he said:

Now I’m so into him, his world, his artwork, that I love everything. I’m not objective anymore…That’s what we call a fan.

— RM of BTS

RM standing in front of one of Yun’s paintings at PKM Gallery | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Given his devotion and interest in Yun, now RM probably understands how ARMYs feel about BTS.