BTS Has Big Plans For June 2020, And ARMY Can’t Wait

Mark your calendars. BTS is coming.

Prepare your hearts and mark your calendars. BTS is planning something big this summer!

On April 18 and 19, BTS spoiled fans with BANG BANG CON, a 12-hour online concert featuring performances from 2015 to now. This event brought ARMY back to the past, but now BTS is looking to the future.

At the end of BANG BANG CON, a mysterious message appeared. It says, “In June, BTS will visit ARMY’s room again.”

June, BTS’s debut month, is always a time of celebration for the group and their fans. It includes two major events: FESTA and Muster. FESTA celebrates BTS’s debut anniversary, and Muster is a fan event that musters BTS’s troops, ARMY.

Fans predict that this year, due to COVID-19, BTS might celebrate FESTA and/or Muster online. This could be what BTS is hinting at, but so far, no official announcement has been made.

In the meantime, why not relive the excitement of BANG BANG CON with these ARMY tweets?

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