Check Out How You Can Decorate The BTS-Filled Room Of Your Dreams

What furniture would you pick?

As a way to prepare for the release of the Essential Edition of their album Be, over the past week BTS have been slowly building up a room for ARMY in a series of tweets with the hashtag #Curated_For_ARMY. Each new tweet would contain additions to the room added by a member, specifically with ARMY in mind!

Suga’s additions to the room. | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Each addition also came with a link to a website showcasing pictures and a video explanation as to why the members choose their pieces of furniture.

Suga explaining his bed choice. | Bighit Entertainment

To wrap up the #Curated_For_ARMY series, the final room contained all the members’ additions and a special gift: the chance for ARMY to decorate their very own room!

The Essential Edition of Be will be released on February 19 at 2PM KST.