ARMYs Want To See BTS Ordering Concert Tickets As A “Run BTS!” Episode — Here’s What Might Happen

It’s time for them to step into ARMY’s shoes!

If there’s a pain that ARMYs know all too well, it’s the stress that comes with buying BTS concert tickets! The process can be so difficult that fans wonder how the members would do trying their luck to score one for themselves.

In a hilarious parody by YouTuber shookga, clips of previous Run BTS! episodes are edited together with fake subtitles to create an example of what may happen on an episode based around the painful process of ticketing.

The members would experience everything from the stress of staying the queue for what feels like eternity, watching the line inch along in slow motion…

…to the never-ending torture of thinking they secured a seat just to realize: Nope, you didn’t!

The relatable process might be cathartic for ARMYs to watch BTS themselves go through the ups and downs we all know so well!

Plus, it would give BTS a little taste of ARMY’s world and help them know just how much we love them!

Until this episode idea comes to life, you can watch the full parody below!