BTS Tries Flying Yoga And Things Instantly Get Chaotic

Send help for Jin! 🤣

From their previous episode of Run BTS!, the BTS members came up with tons of wild and hilarious ideas to try in future episodes — but the funniest one of all was their final choice!

Thanks to Jungkook, the members decided to take on flying yoga together.

Also known as aerial yoga, this type of yoga incorporates a hammock to support you through various poses. It may take some time to get the hang of it…

…and the struggle is real for Jin!

Some members like RM and J-Hope yell as they try new, deep stretches.

Meanwhile, others including V and Jimin think they have a natural born gift for it!

Suga is unsure if the members can handle doing something like this — but their funny moments trying to figure it out will guarantee lead to some iconic scenes!

Each person tries it in the own way, from Jimin doing chin-ups…

…to Jin holding on for dear life!

Of course, you can always just swing like Jungkook!

As the grand finale, the members try their skills at hanging upside down!

Check out the full hilarious preview below.


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