BTS Interviewer Sakshma Srivastav Reveals Who Her Bias Is

“I was so nervous…”

E NOW‘s Sakshma Srivastav is an OT7 stan, but one particular BTS member has won her heart!

Sakshma Srivastav

Sakshma’s exclusive interview with the group, released on June 5, quickly became a fan favorite. Many ARMYs loved Sakshma’s genuine personality and well-curated questions, pointing out how comfortable BTS looked for the duration of the nearly 20-minute interview.

In a new commentary video, Sakshma reacted to her interview, explaining why she chose her questions and providing tidbits of behind-the-scenes information, including who her bias is.

“He’s my bias, by the way, so I was naturally nervous,” Sakshma said, pointing out a clip of herself talking with V. She imitated how she addressed him, laughing. “I’m like, ‘V’…I was so nervous.”

Sakshma’s choice of bias might not come as a surprise to those who have seen her interactions with V in the interview. They had fantastic chemistry that left us smiling…and feeling, perhaps, a little jealous? She’s living the dream!

Watch the commentary here: